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What to Look for When Buying a New Car

InsuranceHero.ca does not just offer you Ontario car insurance quotes but also provides you with hands-on advice prior to signing on the dotted line for your next auto purchase. Before you let the new car smell go to your head, follow a three-step process to avoid future buyer’s remorse.

  1. Know the car’s market value. Car sellers routinely mark up vehicles, which is standard practice in the industry. Some sellers add creature comforts and extras, which further increase the buyer’s cost. For maximum savings, know the manufacturer-suggested retail price of the car. Then decide if the extras are worth the additional cost to you.
  2. Work the incentives. When the new models hit the market, dealers want to quickly clear out old inventories consisting largely of last year’s models. Still new, these cars do qualify for incentives and rebates. Shop around to find the dealers with the most generous incentive packages and then prepare to negotiate the price further.
  3. Get auto insurance quotes ahead of time. If you cannot afford the car insurance on a new sports car, no amount of incentives will make this deal suitable for your budget. Remember that auto insurance is mandatory and failure to carry adequate coverage may leave you and your family unprotected in the case of an accident. It’s best to know ahead of time that you can afford to insure your new ride.

As you can see, buying a new car is not all that complicated. As long as you do your homework, InsuranceHero.ca knows that the process can actually be a lot of fun. Happy shopping!


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