Warehouse And Storage Facilities Insurance

Warehouse & Storage Facilities Insurance Ontario

What You Need to Know About Warehouse & Storage Facilities Insurance

When managing a warehouse or storage facility, your top priority is protecting your assets. However, accidents can happen anytime, and you could face significant financial loss without the right insurance coverage. This is where warehouse and storage facilities insurance comes in.

Insurance Coverage Options

When protecting your warehouse or storage facility, Insurance Hero is here to be your hero. Our insurance experts will work with you to find the right coverage that meets your unique needs and budget. We understand the risks and challenges of running a warehouse or storage facility. We are dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are fully covered.

What is warehouse and storage facilities insurance?

Warehouse and storage facilities insurance is commercial insurance designed to protect businesses that store and distribute goods. This insurance typically covers a range of risks associated with running a warehouse or storage facility, including property damage, theft, liability, and business interruption. 

Depending on the specific policy, it may also cover damage to inventory, equipment breakdowns, and loss of income due to unforeseen events like fires, natural disasters, and equipment failure. Warehouse and storage facilities insurance is essential for any business that stores or distributes goods, as it helps to mitigate risks and protect the business from financial losses.

What type of insurance do I need for a warehouse?

If you own or operate a warehouse in Ontario, there are several types of insurance that you should consider to protect your business, including:

Commercial Property Insurance

Covers your warehouse building and its contents, such as equipment, inventory, and supplies, from perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Covers your business against liability claims, such as bodily injury or property damage caused by your operations, products or services.

Business Interruption Insurance

Provides coverage for lost income and expenses if your business is forced to close temporarily due to a covered loss, such as a fire or flood.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Covers the cost of repairs or replacement of equipment, such as heating or cooling systems, that break down due to mechanical or electrical failure.

What other coverages should warehouse and storage facility owners consider adding to their insurance policy?

Cargo Insurance

If you are storing or transporting goods for others, you may need cargo insurance to protect against damage or loss of the goods.

Cyber Liability Insurance

When you have clients, you may need this coverage to provide protection against cyber risks and data breaches.

What does warehouse legal liability cover?

Warehouse legal liability insurance covers damages to goods stored in a warehouse due to various causes such as fire, theft, or damage caused by water or other natural disasters. This coverage also covers losses resulting from errors made by warehouse employees in handling the goods.

Additionally, it protects against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage caused by the insured’s negligence.

Is warehouse and storage facilities insurance mandatory?

Ontario has no specific law or regulation that mandates warehouse and storage facilities to have insurance. However, some landlords or leasing companies may require tenants to have insurance as part of the lease agreement. For example, warehouse operators typically require warehouse legal liability insurance as part of their contractual obligations to their clients.

Either way, having warehouse and storage facilities insurance is highly recommended to protect your business from potential financial losses due to property damage, theft, or liability claims.


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