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Tenant and Renter’s Insurance in Vaughan

Vaughan has long been a destination for people looking for the best of both worlds – suburban living with easy access to the city. Located just a few exits north of Toronto on the 407 or 400 by car, Vaughan is also easily accessible by TTC, GO, YRT and Viva.

Choosing Vaughan to Rent

Home to corporations like Adidas, KPMG, UPS and CN Rail, the “City above Toronto” is a major city on its own. It’s the 17th largest city in Canada with a population that has more than doubled since it was incorporated as a city in 1991.

Along with Vaughan Mills, Canada’s wonderland and the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, there are plenty of parks, restaurants and other attractions to keep you entertained in Vaughan.

Unfortunately all the amenities and high standard of living in Vaughan come at a price. It is one of the most expensive cities in the GTA to live in. Which makes renting a necessity for the over 10,000 people in Vaughan who rent their living space.

If you do rent in Vaughan, or anywhere else in the GTA for that matter, you need to know about the financial risks of being a tenant – especially in the event of a burglary, fire, flood, windstorm, or any other hazard.

Your Landlord’s Insurance Does Not Cover Your Property!

Most tenants think that if their unit is damaged in a disaster or their valuables are stolen during a break-in that the insurance policy on the unit covers their belongings. That’s not the case! Your possessions are not part of the landlord’s property insurance policy.

That assumption causes most tenants not to even think about insurance – much less consider if they need it or not. It also leaves them exposed to overwhelming expenses in an already bad situation.

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A Short Explanation of Tenant/Renter’s Insurance

Basically, a tenant/renter’s insurance policy covers your possessions as a tenant. It also protects you from financial ruin in situations when you are legally responsible for damages. We’ll get into those scenarios below. For now, think about how much you would have to pay to replace your couches, beds, dressers, tables, chairs, TV, laptops, clothes, jewellery, phones, washing machine – everything inside your home if there was a fire, flood, break-in or some other disaster.

Also consider where you would go if the apartment, condo or house you rent is unsafe to live in after such a disaster. We’ve seen cases in Vaughan and the GTA when repairing a building has taken weeks or months. If you had to move into a hotel room during that time, could you afford it?

A renter’s insurance policy can help with the costs to replace your personal property, appliances, furniture, etc., and pay for your living expenses if you need to temporarily move out.

An Accident in Your Unit Can Leave You In Financial Ruin

As a tenant, you are legally responsible for what happens where you live. Which means you are financially responsible as well.

If you or someone in your unit puts the wrong item in the microwave or leaves the stove on or a faucet running, you are liable for the damage that is caused. And not just for the damage to your unit, but for every other apartment, condo, house, etc., that is damaged too. The costs could be astronomical.

A renter’s insurance policy can cover those costs resulting from an incident inside your dwelling.

It can also cover you if a guest injures him/herself while in your condo, apartment or house. Yes, even as a tenant, if someone injures themselves on the property you occupy, you may be held liable under the Occupiers’ Liability Act. If that person sues you, it could be financially devastating.

A tenant/renter’s insurance policy can cover the awards, settlements and legal fees of a lawsuit.

Cost of Tenant/Renter’s Insurance in Vaughan

Tenant/renter’s insurance is surprisingly inexpensive – you could even get coverage for less than a dollar a day. The cost of a tenant/renter’s insurance policy in Vaughan will depend on several factors including:

  • Location in Vaughan
  • Value of your possessions
  • Amount of coverage
  • Other policies
  • Claim history
  • Amount of the deducible
  • Type of coverages

It’s enough to know that the cost of a tenant/renter’s insurance policy is incredibly less than not having one. Not to mention that it’s hard to put a price on peace of mind.

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