Speciality Insurance in Ontario

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Specialty Insurance in Ontario

At Insurance Hero, we’re proud to be able to offer Canada’s specialty insurance markets the same service and convenience associated with our home, auto, and commercial vehicle insurance services. Let us take the trouble out of shopping around for your ideal coverage, by offering a wide selection of quotes from our extensive network of Canada’s best specialty insurance providers.

Professionals working in different industries throughout the country have a variety of specialty insurance needs. So, we’re committed to working with an equally diverse roster of insurance providers. InsuranceHero.ca can connect you with providers offering commercial risk insurance to several industries including transportation, real estate, manufacturing & industrial, financial institutions, and many more.

Why it pays to choose your coverage through InsuranceHero.ca

Here’s what you can expect from InsuranceHero.ca:

  • Choose from a varied selection of insurance companies
  • Detailed list of what each company has to offer
  • Quick, convenient access to a your own dedicated insurance advisor
  • Honest, unbiased, expert advice
  • More

The insurance advisors at InsuranceHero.ca are extremely knowledgeable and come with a wealth of experience. We can provide you with a simplified, one-stop option that allows you to easily purchase the business risk insurance you need in order to maintain the integrity of your day-to-day operations.

Working with us means that you can count on receiving only the most relevant insurance quotes. Each quote will detail the coverage, deductibles and rates available. From there, you need only to select the coverage that best meets your needs. It’s a simple, convenient solution that won’t compromise your already hectic schedule.

If you’re shopping around for commercial truck insurance in Ontario request a quote online or call InsuranceHero at 1-855-777-4376.

Looking For More Business Insurance?

Snow Removal Contractors Insurance

If you’re a snow removal contractor working to clear the streets – know that finding the right insurance coverage is in the palm of your hands. Insurance Hero offers versatile and comprehensive snow removal insurance that fully covers your risks at affordable prices.

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Builders Risk Insurance

Whether you’re building a new townhouse, cottage or doing major renos to an existing home, it’s always wise to protect yourself and your property with builders risk insurance.

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Cleaning Business Insurance

If you own a busy janitorial company, it’s pertinent to have the best-fit cleaning company insurance, as you’re often performing work tasks at various locations outside your office – which can pose a unique set of risks.

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Contractors Insurance

If you’re an Ontario-based professional offering services as a general contractor, construction tradesperson or sub-contractor, Insurance Hero specializes in flexible, comprehensive contractors insurance at deductibles and prices tailored to fit your needs

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Electrician Insurance

If you’re an electrician in Ontario, it’s required that you have a valid electrician insurance policy when applying for a business license.

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Plumbers Insurance

If you’re a professional plumber, you need an insurance package that caters to the special needs and potential exposures that you might face on a daily basis. At Insurance Hero, we feature versatile, affordable-rate plumbing insurance designed for your growing business.

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Landlord Insurance

If you’re a landlord in Ontario, it’s critical to have the right insurance policy to protect your property investment. From basement suites and rental houses, to main-level town homes and apartment rentals – Insurance Hero insures not only your building, but any detached structures, landscaping and equipment on landlord property.

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Painters Insurance

Finding the right painters insurance doesn’t need to feel like hunting for the perfect shade of red. If you’re an Ontario-based professional offering services as a painting contractor, Insurance Hero boasts flexible and competitive insurance at prices and deductibles that meet your unique needs.

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Engineer Insurance

Whether you’re an engineer consultant hired to take on a small project or a large company working on a well-known design build, at Insurance Hero, we understand the risks of the job and offer comprehensive, affordable liability insurance for engineers that protects against mistakes, omissions and damage claims.

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Carpenter Insurance

Whether you have a small carpentry business or you’re working on a large commercial renovation project – Insurance Hero understands the dangers and risks of heavy-duty carpentry work. We offer comprehensive and affordable coverage that protects you and your company.

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Commercial Property Insurance

Whether you operate a mid-size or large-scale company, the building that you own or lease should be protected against loss, damage or theft. At Insurance Hero, we understand the risks and challenges that come with being a business owner. From natural disasters to customer lawsuits, we offer competitively-priced property insurance that’s easy to access.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

If you sell products and services through an e-commerce website or manage your customer records digitally – a data breach of personal and commercial information can be expensive. At Insurance Hero, we understand the impact any damage to your network can cause. We offer cyber risk insurance packages that protect you and your private company information.

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Fitness Facility Insurance

If you promote good health and run a gym or fitness center, you know that sometimes intense physical activity can have its fair share of accidents. At Insurance Hero, we offer flexible and affordable fitness insurance that protects your business.

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Landscapers Insurance

Working in landscaping includes a lot of intense labor and careful planning of a client’s outdoor environment. From residential lawn care to big commercial exterior jobs, Insurance Hero understands the industry’s unique risks and offers coverage best suited to your specific operations.

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Protective Insurance

If you’re a protection services provider, you want to feel confident that assets like surveillance, protective equipment and communication systems are properly covered with general liability and property damage insurance. At Insurance Hero, we offer customized and affordable insurance plans that ensure the peace of mind you’re looking for.

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Restaurant Insurance

Operating a restaurant, pub or nightclub isn’t an easy task. At Insurance Hero, we offer affordable and inclusive restaurant, bar and pub insurance packages that assure the protection and peace of mind you’re looking for.

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Architect Insurance

No matter how careful and exact your work as an architect might be, there are still risks and hazards that come with creating architectural structures that people will use for years to come. At Insurance Hero, we offer flexible and comprehensive insurance for architects that protect you and your business.

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