Uber & Ride Sharing Insurance in Ontario

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Insurance For Ride Sharing & Uber Drivers

If you drive a vehicle for Uber, Lyft, or another ride sharing network, then you need Uber driver insurance that will protect both you and your passengers. Traditional Ontario auto insurance policies do not include protection for vehicles that are being used to transport paying passengers, and without adequate coverage, you could be open to risk should a problem arise.

How Insurance for Uber Drivers Works

Getting the best ride sharing coverage couldn’t be simpler when you choose InsuranceHero.ca. To be protected while driving a ride sharing vehicle for up to 20 hours a week, you require the new insurance endorsement “NPCF 6TN – Permission to Carry Paying Passengers for a Transportation Network”. This endorsement shifts the risk taken on by carrying paying passengers from you, to us. This means that you and your passengers are protected for the duration of every trip you make.

This endorsement can be added to exciting policies even in the middle of your term, or included in a brand new insurance policy. With our Toronto Uber driver insurance, you’re covered for the duration of your ride sharing experience. This includes:

  • While logged into the ride sharing platform and available to be matched with a passenger
  • While on route to pick up a passenger

While a passenger is being transported

Get your Ontario Uber driver insurance now and ensure you and your passengers are safe while on the road! Contact us at InsuranceHero.ca today at 1-855-777-HERO (4376) for your quote!

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