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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance in Oakville

If you’re the current and/or soon-to-be owner of an Oakville house, home insurance is just as important as picking out your furniture or choosing your drapes. When you’re dealing with the immediate aftermath of a fire or a burst pipe, your home insurance could be the difference between having a financial cushion and having to rebuild your life on short notice. Here’s what you should know about taking out a home insurance policy in Oakville:

  1. It Covers More Than Just Your Home

Because the coverage is called “home insurance”, it’s easy to assume that your policy covers your house and nothing else. The truth is, however, that home insurance can extend to fixtures and structures like your garage, your toolshed, and your patio. 

  1. It Can Help With Rebuilding and Repairs

Picture a situation where your home has burned down or your roof has been damaged by a hailstorm. For many Canadians, rebuilding a house or otherwise paying for major repairs would cause serious financial strain. If your house is damaged by an insured peril, your home insurance policy can step in and cover repair and/or rebuilding costs.

  1. Home Insurance Won’t Necessarily Extend to Your Personal Belongings

In a fire or a natural disaster, there’s no guarantee that your personal items will survive unscathed. Although home insurance can cover the cost of damage to the house itself, your policy may not necessarily extend to your furniture, clothes, and other general items that you keep inside your home. You may have to speak with your Insurance Hero broker to craft a policy that will cover your stuff.

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Home Insurance Coverage

Here at Insurance Hero, we’re committed to helping our Oakville clients get the coverage that they need and deserve. But even so, our home insurance solutions will commonly cover:

  • Costs related to repairing or rebuilding your house;
  • The cost of living expenses if an insured peril damages your home to the point where you have to live somewhere else for a while;
  • Structures and fixtures on your property that include garages, toolsheds, and back porches;
  • And more! 

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How Many Oakville Home Insurance Quotes Should I Get?

As a general rule of thumb, three or four is a solid number. That’s enough to give you a sense of your coverage options and your price points.

However, if you’re on our website and reading this right now, the only quote you need is an Insurance Hero quote. We have an extensive network of direct insurance providers that we can leverage to get you an affordable plan that makes sense for your property.

How Do I Get an Oakville Home Insurance Quote?

Good question!

Most insurance companies and brokers will have a convenient, easy-to-reach form or contact page that you can use to get in touch with a licensed insurance professional. 

If you’re here, you can request a FREE, no-obligation quote within minutes or you can give us a call at 1-855-777-HERO (4376).

Can An Oakville Insurance Broker Help Me Get All Types of Insurance?

Of course!

Here at Insurance Hero, we understand that owning a home is just one aspect of your life. Many Oakville homeowners have cars, boats, and businesses that may all need to be protected through insurance.

As a company, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive insurance solutions to our clients. Whether you’re looking for a commercial policy for your new business or an auto insurance policy for the new driver in your household, Insurance Hero has you covered. Request your FREE quote today!

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Why Should I Use A Broker For Oakville Home Insurance?

If you’re looking for a home insurance policy, you might be wondering if it’s worth your while to choose a broker when you could be purchasing directly from an insurance company. In our experience, there are at least three major reasons why brokers are an excellent choice for securing Oakville home insurance:

  1. Savings

On a personal level, everyone wants to keep their monthly expenses down. And after you’ve calculated the cost of your mortgage, your utility bills, and your property taxes, the last thing you want is to be overpaying for insurance. Because brokers like us have access to some of the most affordable plans on the market, we can help you save money on your home insurance policy.

  1. Expert Advice

Insurance clauses can be difficult to parse in the best of circumstances. But when you’ve got an expiring policy or a real estate deadline adding extra pressure to the situation, you may not have time to study the finer details of securing home insurance. Your Insurance Hero broker will be able to assess your situation before recommending a top-notch home insurance solution.

  1. Find the Policy You Need in Less Time

Here at Insurance Hero, we pride ourselves on helping our clients quickly and efficiently find the home insurance coverage they need. We’ll do all of the comparison shopping and quote selection on your behalf so that you don’t have to waste time gathering quotes or bargain-hunting.

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When Should I Purchase Oakville Home Insurance?

The short answer is “ASAP”. 

Every moment that your home is uninsured or underinsured is a moment of financial vulnerability as a property owner. Request your FREE home insurance quote today!

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When you get right down to it, your house isn’t just another item. It’s potentially the most expensive property that you will ever own. Do you want to have home insurance that offers incredible coverage at an affordable price? 

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