New Haven body repair

New Haven body repair

Questions To Ask A New Haven Body Repair Shop

After a car accident, what generally comes to mind is getting the car fixed at a New Haven body repair shop. However, getting the job done by a random New Haven body repair shop may not be a wise decision. You should take your time to do research and gather information, this will certainly help you to achieve a better quality repair work done to your satisfaction.

This content will show you some things to put into consideration and questions to ask a New Haven body repair shop before proceeding with your plans.

What is The Estimated Timeframe For The Repair?

This should be the first line of thought, although there’s is a slight difference in allocating a work-time to the job as it will depend mainly on the level of damage sustained. There are other factors involved in deciding how long a car repair should take. If the New Haven body repair shop is busy at that instance, the repair time may be extended.

How Safe Will Your Car Be At The Body Repair Shop?

Always try to inquire about the level of insurance the auto repair shop is entitled to, like theft and fire insurance. You want to be assured that you are covered in case of any eventualities like if your car is destroyed, burglarized, stolen, or damaged while it remains in the repair shop. It will also be wise to continue your auto insurance premiums payments on your car during especially at this time.

Does The Repair Shop Offer Car Rental Services?

Sometimes it can very frustrating and inconveniencing being immobile, without a car to move around. You will need to be sure that you have a loaner, courtesy, or rental car at your disposal while your car remains under repair. Some of the professional auto repair shops offer a rental service located near or in the shop. Other auto repair service providers may offer courtesy or loaner vehicles that you can use while your car is undergoing repairs.

What is The Payment Plan Like?

Most of the renowned auto body repair shops have their payment and policy method posted on the board where anyone can see easily. Some payment policies include warranty information, labor rate, materials, and all acceptable type of payment. If you don’t find a payment policy information, get inquiries before they begin any repair work on your car.

Can You Wash Your Car Immediately The Repair Is Done?

Most shops usually return your vehicle back to you as clean as possible, they may have to wash it and wait for the paint to dry off. Still, it is important to know the type of brush they’ll use, as this may affect the longevity of the paint as time goes by.

In some cases, you’ll find a paint code printed on a plate in a door jamb, in the trunk, or under the hood. The paint code of a car tells the exact color used by the manufacturer. Be sure they are using the same color paint and not something else.


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