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As a landlord in Vaughan, protecting your investment properties from financial loss and damages is a top priority. Accidents, weather damage, third-party injuries, and liability claims can all be costly for landlords to fix, especially if it escalates to a lawsuit.

Insurance Hero helps landlords in Vaughan protect their investments and mitigate financial risk from unexpected events. We partner with Canada’s leading insurance companies to protect your rental properties at affordable rates. Our comprehensive policies also protect detached structures, landlord belongings, and equipment on the rental property.

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Landlord Insurance for Vaughan Homeowners

Regardless if you own one or multiple rental properties, it’s important to ensure they’re all protected against financial loss from unexpected events. Landlord insurance is essential because your standard homeowner’s policy only covers your primary residence.

Landlord insurance protects your rental properties and their detached structures from financial loss and liability caused by accidents or third-party injuries and property damage. This means the sheds, fences, landscaping equipment, garages, as well as your personal furniture in any of your rental properties is covered.

If there are damages caused by floods, fires, theft, or vandalism, landlord insurance covers you. Landlord insurance also covers loss of rental income and liability claims if you’re sued by a tenant or third party for injuries and property damage.

As a landlord, you can request tenants to purchase tenant insurance to protect their belongings. Having landlord insurance is still important to ensure your property and belongings are safe while the tenants rent from you.

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Property Types and Uses for Rental Property Landlord Insurance for Vaughan Homeowners

There are several types of landlord insurance based on the rental property you own. You can speak with an Insurance Hero landlord insurance specialist to discuss which type of landlord insurance you need.

Rental property landlord insurance is the standard landlord insurance policy for Vaughan homeowners. It applies to rental units in your primary residence, such as a basement, or separate rental properties that you lease out to a tenant.

Condo rental insurance applies when you rent out a condo unit that you have purchased.

Apartment buildings rental insurance applies to any rental structure you own with seven or more rental units.

Commercial property landlord insurance is for landlords that lease out properties for commercial purposes, such as a warehouse, storage space, or office.

Unoccupied dwelling landlord insurance applies to vacant units you own.

Student rental unit insurance applies to properties that are rented out to students.

Short-term rental landlord insurance is for properties you rent out for short periods or periodically, such as a cottage or Airbnb.

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What is landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a type of insurance product that covers homeowners for their investment properties. It’s different from a standard home insurance policy because landlord insurance is designed for properties that are rented out to tenants for long or short periods. 

There are several landlord insurance policies, depending on the type of property you own and the coverage you want. Landlord insurance covers your rental units along with any detached structures, equipment, and personal belongings you keep at your rental properties, such as furniture and appliances.

It covers property and liability protection for any damages to a rental unit from an insured peril, such as weather damages or theft. Landlord insurance also covers tenant or visitor liability claims alleging injury or property damage and loss of rental income.

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Why is landlord insurance so important?

You can’t always be aware of what happens in your rental properties. Whether bad weather causes structural damage or an accidental fire burns down your kitchen, landlord insurance can cover unforeseen repair bills and possible loss of rental income.

While tenant insurance is important for tenants to have, landlord insurance ensures your property and belongings are protected. It helps you mitigate financial loss of being a landlord, and protects the landlord against financial risks.

Does landlord insurance cover loss of rent?

Yes, landlord insurance does cover loss of rent from unexpected events and damages. For example, if you can’t rent out your property while it’s under repairs from a kitchen fire, landlord insurance can cover the amount of lost rental income you would have earned.

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What does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord insurance covers property repairs from unexpected damages and liability claims for your tenants and their visitors. This applies to any detached structures, equipment, and personal belongings on your property as well.

For example, if a guest suffers an injury or property damage, landlord insurance can help with the ensuing financial expenses. It also covers loss of rental income while your unit is under construction because of these damages.

Landlord insurance doesn’t cover the personal belongings of your tenants and maintenance and equipment breakdowns. It also doesn’t cover damages that weren’t accidental or caused by an insured peril.

Who needs landlord insurance?

Any landlord can benefit from landlord insurance. Rental properties are an expensive investment and take a lot of effort to manage. Landlord insurance reduces financial loss for landlords.

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