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Here’s Why You Need Home Insurance

What if we told you that protecting your home, your belongings, and your finances could be done with a single insurance policy? And what if this same insurance policy had the power to reassure mortgage lenders and get you into your dream house faster?

Believe it or not, home insurance allows Hamilton’s current and future homeowners to accomplish all of these things and more. Here are just some of the reasons why we always advise our clients to take out home insurance:

1. Insurance Coverage Allows You to Prepare for the Unexpected

If the electricity malfunction that led to a fire had a bright neon sign announcing it as such, protecting your property would be easy. But whether you’re worried about tornados, fires, or damage from burst pipes, the unfortunate reality is that an insured peril could wreak havoc on your home tomorrow and you might not have ever seen it coming.

When you’ve taken out a well-constructed home insurance policy, you don’t have to lay awake at night and wonder where you’ll find the money to finance those post-insured peril repairs. Why? Because securing the funding you need is as easy as filing a claim. 

2. Home Insurance Can Protect You Against Personal Liability Claims

Most people are familiar with slip and fall liability scenarios for businesses. But what a lot of folks don’t realize is that personal liability claims can happen to homeowners as well.

Someone could slip on your icy front steps. Or, if you’re getting renovations done in the future, a contractor could make a mistake that damages your neighbour’s property. And depending on the circumstances, these injured third parties could decide to take legal action against you.

Lawyers are expensive to hire and judgment amounts are often even pricier. If you ever have to defend yourself against a personal liability claim, your home insurance policy can step in and cover your costs. 

3. You Can Get Coverage for Your Belongings

When your house is on fire or a gang of thieves are vandalizing your property, the home itself isn’t the only thing that’s like to be at risk — personal items like laptops, furniture, and clothes could be damaged or destroyed too. And when you add up the replacement value of all those items, you might be looking at a solid four figures.

Home insurance doesn’t have to be restricted to covering just the building. You can take out coverage for the belongings you store inside the house as well. In the aftermath of an insured peril, that extra bit of coverage can go a long way towards helping you rebuild your home and your life.

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When Should I Get A Home Insurance Quote in Hamilton, Ontario?

In our professional opinion, you’ll want to take out home insurance as early as you can in your homeownership journey.

Is there a fee for getting an insurance quote?


As homeowners and working professionals ourselves, we understand the importance of being able to see what you’re paying for. And we’re so sure that you’ll love our prices and coverage options that we’re willing to give you a no-obligation quote for free.

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What does Home Insurance cover in Hamilton?

Here at Insurance Hero, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch home insurance coverage to our clients. Our home insurance policies can cover things like:

  • Your house as well as structures on your property like detached garages and toolsheds
  • Living expenses if you’re forced to relocate until repairs can be completed on your home
  • And more!

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How Do You Select An Insurance Broker In Hamilton?

Let’s say you’re sold on purchasing home insurance and now you’re trying to find the right insurance broker. In our experience, there are three qualities that separate the best brokers from the rest:

1. A Solid Track Record of Delivering Results

When it comes to home insurance, there’s no denying that the stakes are high. And with everything from your personal belongings to your house on the line, you don’t want your home insurance policy to be handled by amateurs. 

An excellent broker won’t just give you a general explanation of the different insurance options at your disposal — they’ll have client success stories they can point you towards.

2. A Strong Network of Connections

At the end of the day, working with an insurance broker is like having an advisor, a bargain hunter, and a personal shopper rolled into one. But if you want to find the best home insurance policies available on the market, your broker needs to have access to the right insurance providers.

Here at Insurance Hero, for instance, we have established partnerships with over a dozen insurance issuers. This allows us to make sure that we’re always offering great deals to our clients.

3. Fantastic Customer Service

When your house has burned down or you’re trying to file a claim, the last thing you need is for your insurance broker to leave you hanging. After all, disaster can strike at any time.

A top-notch broker won’t pull out all the stops and then ghost you once you’ve purchased a policy. You’ll always have a means of contacting people to ask questions, review your policy, or get help with filing an emergency claim.

Is Home Insurance In Hamilton Mandatory?

Home insurance isn’t mandatory in the sense that car insurance would be. But there are at least three major reasons why home insurance is a good idea:

  • You never know when an insured peril might strike;
  • Accidents can happen at any time; and
  • Many lenders will require proof of insurance before they’ll release your funds

From a risk management standpoint alone, home insurance just makes sense.

Protect Your Hamilton Property With Home Insurance

If you’re like many Canadians, your house isn’t just another item in your portfolio — it’s the most valuable asset you own. A solid home insurance policy makes it possible for you to protect the things that matter to you the most. 

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