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What You Need to Know About Home Insurance in Markham

Do you own a home in Markham? Are you about to close on a Markham-based property? If your answer to either of these questions was “Yes.”, then home insurance is an absolute must. But even though home insurance is important, there are some key facts about taking out a policy that every current and future Markham homeowner should be aware of:

  1. Your Belongings Might Not Be Covered

When an insured peril is ravaging your home, items like your furniture, your laptop, and your jewelry could be in just as much danger as the rest of the house. However, many home insurance policies will not extend coverage to the items that you keep inside your home. You’ll have to ask your broker directly about securing insurance for your personal items.

  1. Home Insurance Can Cover You Against Personal Liability Claims

When you’re dealing with the excitement of purchasing a new home, nobody wants to think about hosting a barbecue that ends in disaster or hiring a contractor who cuts down a neighbour’s tree. But if you make a mistake that causes someone to suffer property damage or personal injury, you could be taken to court and sued. Your home insurance policy may be able to cover both your legal fees and your judgment costs. 

  1. You Can Get a Policy That Fits Your Property Like a Glove

Because home insurance is often required by lenders, people don’t always realize that it’s possible to get a customized policy. Your Insurance Hero broker will be able to swoop in, assess your property, and recommend an expertly crafted insurance policy.

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Home Insurance Coverage

As a company, we firmly believe that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist when it comes to home insurance. But that being said, many of our home insurance packages will commonly cover:

  • Your home if an insured peril damages it to the point where it needs to be repaired or rebuilt;
  • Structures on your property like garages and toolsheds;
  • Personal liability claims;
  • Living expenses if you’re forced to relocate temporarily;
  • And more!

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Do Markham Insurance Brokers Assist With Claims?

Dealing with damage to your home can be stressful in the best of times. When the damage is serious enough that you’re filing a claim, however, it goes without saying that prompt and professional customer service can go a long way.

If this ever happens to you, Insurance Hero is a Markham insurance broker that will come to your rescue at any time. All you have to do is call 1-855-777-HERO (4376). 

Is Using A Markham Insurance Broker A Better Way To Save?

Yes! But it depends on which broker you use. To make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible on home insurance, you need to work with a broker that has access to multiple providers. And alongside those deep professional partnerships, you also need a broker who understands how to create home insurance policies that will give you the coverage you need.

Here at Insurance Hero, our award-winning team of superheroes is full of knowledgeable people who understand the ins and outs of home insurance. We want to save you money and we’ll leverage our extensive network of insurance partners to make it happen. Request your FREE quote today!

How Do Insurance Brokers Work?

Imagine you’re purchasing a winter jacket.

You could walk into a random store and pay the number on the price tag. Or you could go online, look for sales, and then find a jacket that gives you the perfect combination of quality, warmth, and affordability. And because online search engines can pull prices from multiple retailers, finding a great deal is just a matter of exploring your options.

Believe it or not, insurance brokers work similarly to the search engine in this online shopping analogy. They partner with multiple insurance providers who offer a wide range of plans. And because they’re highly trained insurance professionals, they can match you with the perfect policy for your home. In short, when you hire a broker like Insurance Hero, you get a personal shopper and an insurance advisor at no additional cost to yourself.

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How do I get a quote for home insurance in Markham?

Getting a quote for a home insurance policy in Markham is as easy as visiting a broker or insurance company website. When you click on a resource page or visit the site in question, you will typically be able to fill out a form or click on the “Request a free quote” button. 

Since you’re here on our website, you can also request a home insurance quote from us. Thanks to our combination of affordable rates and excellent coverage, we’ll save you time and money on your home insurance. Let Insurance Hero come to your rescue today!

How much is home insurance in Markham?

This is a difficult question to answer because even relatively minor details like:

  • The value of your house;
  • Your neighbourhood;
  • The age of your property; and
  • Your claims history

… Can all have a disproportionate effect on your insurance options. However, what we can promise you is that we’ll always offer you the best prices available. Request your FREE home insurance quote today!

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They say that your home is your castle. Excellent home insurance makes it possible for you to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. If you’re looking for home insurance, Insurance Hero will be able to swoop in and give you the insurance you need and deserve.

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