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Here’s Why You Need Home Insurance

If you’re like most Canadians, your house isn’t just your refuge from the world — it’s the most expensive item you own. And whether you’re renewing an old policy or exploring your home insurance options for the first time, there are at least three major reasons why we believe that every Aurora-based homeowner should have their house insured:

1. Home Insurance Gives You a Financial Backup Plan

When a fire has burned down someone’s home or thieves have ransacked a property, the first expense most people think about is the cost of repairing or rebuilding the house. But the harsh truth about dealing with the aftermath of an insured peril is that the costs don’t stop at the general contractor’s bill — storage fees and rental fees could put a serious strain on your finances as well.

From covering your home against lightning storms to assisting with damage done to your garage or your tool shed, the right home insurance policy will give you the financial support you need right when you need it the most.  

2. You Can Get Coverage for Your Personal Belongings

If your home has been struck by hail or destroyed by a fire, the house itself isn’t the only thing that may be damaged. Your belongings may be at risk as well. 

For many Canadians, cellphones, laptops, furniture, and major appliances can cost thousands of dollars to replace. At Insurance Hero, our home insurance policies can be crafted to include coverage for your personal belongings.

3. Home Insurance Can Keep Lenders Happy

Believe it or not, lenders want your house to stand the test of time almost as much as you do. As such, it’s not unusual for mortgage providers and banks to make home insurance a condition of releasing funds. In short, home insurance doesn’t just give you protection. It can help put lenders at ease as well.  

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At Insurance Hero, some of the coverages we offer for home insurance include:

  • Home insurance that covers your house
  • Property insurance that allows you to cover your belongings and your furniture
  • Liability insurance to cover third-party claims of property damage or personal injury that has been caused by you
  • And more!

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How Much Home Insurance Do I Need in Aurora?

This answer depends on the specific characteristics of your property. After all, details like:

  • The age of your home;
  • The location of your property;
  • The replacement value of your furniture and electronics; and
  • Your claims history

… Can all have an influence on your home insurance coverage needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your insurance needs today!

Does My Home Insurance Policy Cover My Valuable Possessions Such as Jewelry or Artwork?

The short answer is n”Yes. But with some caveats.”. 

Home insurance can cover personal property but there may be limits on the policy amount. If you have any antiques, jewelry, or collectibles that need to be insured, your Insurance Hero advisor will help you find an affordable insurance solution.

What Happens if I Have to Make a Claim?

Let’s say that one day you wake up and discover that your house is on fire. Everyone’s safe and the flames have been put out. But now you need to file an insurance claim.

We hope that this never happens to you, but if it does, we’ve got you covered!

The first thing you need to do is call us at 1-855-777-HERO(4376). Our team will immediately advise you on what you need to do before you contact your insurance provider. And if you need our help after business hours, we’ve got you covered there too! Just select “Claims Emergency” as the reason for your call and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.

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Am I Covered for Damage Caused by a Catastrophic Weather Event?

Your policy automatically renews once your current one expires. You can always contact your insurance provider to cancel or change your policy conditions. If you want to change your policy, Insurance Hero can help you find affordable options that keep you and your passengers safe. Contact Insurance Hero using our online form or call us at 1 (855) 777 4376 and our specialists will help you find the best policy.

What Is “Comprehensive Coverage” in Home Insurance?

As a general rule of thumb, there are two types of home insurance:

  1. The type that will only cover the perils that have been named in the policy; and
  2. Home insurance that covers your building, belongings, and fixtures like your garage ortoolshed against any and all perils except for the ones that you’ve specifically excluded in your policy

When you hear brokers and other insurance professionals talk about “comprehensive coverage” within the context of home insurance, you can safely assume that they’re describing the second type of policy that will cover you for pretty much everything unless you’ve decided otherwise.

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Protect Your Aurora Property With Home Insurance

As a homeowner and as an individual, you can’t predict or control the future. A neighbour could slip and hurt themselves on your property. Your house could be destroyed by a fire or a tornado. And if you’re forced to finance a lengthy hotel stay, the aftermath of an insured peril could put a serious strain on your wallet.

You’ve worked hard to become an Aurora homeowner. You saved up for a down payment, you established a steady source of income, and then you spent time browsing through listings and arranging walkthroughs to find your current home. Protect the investment you’ve made in your property by taking out a home insurance policy through Insurance Hero.

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