High Risk Insurance Ontario

High Risk Insurance Ontario

Everyone needs to drive and high risk insurance in Ontario is the only option some have to drive. When you fall into this category, Insurance Hero is there to help.

Am I high risk?

There are many reasons that your insurance company may deem you to be high risk. The main reasons that people fall into this category are:

  • Being in multiple high-cost accidents
  • Receiving too many speeding or reckless driving tickets
  • Having a medical problem that could impact your ability to drive
  • The cost of your vehicle
  • Years of driving experience
  • Where you live
  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your income and credit score
  • Annual mileage
  • Insurance history
  • Receiving a DUI

The cold hard truth is that most companies use algorithms to determine your potential cost to them. Once placed in a group there is little you can do without accident forgiveness or an improved financial situation at many other insurance firms.

Normal vs. High Risk Insurance Costs

Those placed in the high-risk category pay more for insurance, much more. The difference can be as high as $1238.63 over the course of six months.

People with a poor credit score pay an average of $990 more every six months. Even with a speeding ticket, drivers paid 15% more in insurance premiums according to Bankrate.

Where can I find high risk insurance?

Anyone who falls into this category knows the impact of paying so much for insurance. Many know just how hard it is to get insurance at all. In a contient reliant on the road, the impact extends beyond your wallet.

Insurance Hero offers you the ability to keep driving even if you have a criminal conviction, frequent claims, tickets, or suspensions. We work with drivers to keep them mobile.

Insurance Hero does not turn away drivers. All drivers from the Ontario area are welcome to apply for a quote.

Affordable High Risk Insurance

Among the many benefits of Insurance Hero, we help high risk drivers find affordable insurance. There is nothing worse than paying nearly half the average rent price for insurance every month.

The right insurance doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. We can work with any driver to find a price that works within your budget.

Is it possible to become a low risk driver once deemed high risk?

While we work with high-risk drivers, your premium remains higher. There is a chance that you can become lower risk.

Maintain a clean driving record. We happily help drivers reduce their status. Your past is not the end of the road.

High Risk Insurance Ontario

Life happens. It does not need to keep you from the road. With how important the car is in our society, you need the ability to drive legally even if deemed high risk.

Insurance Hero is here to help. We take in drivers of all statuses and will work with you to find an affordable option that meets your needs as much as possible. Do not find yourself in a situation where your freedom to roam impacts your life.

Get in touch with Insurance Hero to find High Risk Insurance in Ontario today. Visit us online for more information and to receive a quote.