High Risk Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

High Risk Auto Insurance Companies In Ontario

There are various reasons why you might be labelled as a high-risk driver. Insurance providers consider high-risk drivers a liability for the company and don’t provide these individuals with standard car insurance. Fortunately, high-risk drivers insurance is a specially designed policy for high-risk drivers, where you pay higher premiums. If you’re a high-risk driver and unable to get a policy with a traditional insurance company, it’s not the end of the road. At InsuranceHero.ca, we’ll help you find high risk auto insurance companies in Ontario that will cover you with the lowest insurance rates.

What Makes You A High-Risk Driver?

There are two main reasons you may require high-risk auto insurance from the best high-risk insurance companies: driving and non-driving factors.

Driving Factors

The driving factors include:

Reckless Driving

You may be issued with reckless driving violations if you’re driving dangerously. Reckless driving can be getting caught racing another car, ignoring red lights that put other road users at risk or driving over the speed limit.

Driving Under The Influence

If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, you’ll almost instantly gain a high-risk status.

At-Fault Accidents

When you’re involved in at-fault accidents, your monthly premiums could be increased. And if you’ve had more than one at-fault accident within a year, and the accidents result in injury claims, your insurer may deem you a high-risk driver.

Traffic Violations

Insurance providers take traffic violations such as running stop signs and speeding very seriously. Usually, states have a point system where you’re given more points when you commit more offences. With more points, you’re regarded as a high-risk driver.

Non-Driving Factors

High-risk drivers aren’t determined based only on their road performance. The following non-driving factors can also put you in that category.

Experience and Age

Data reveals that 16-year old drivers are more likely to get into accidents compared to 40-year-old drivers. Because drivers should have car insurance, providers counter the risk by considering younger, inexperienced drivers as high risk and making them pay higher premiums.

Insurance Coverage Lapse

People with gaps in their coverage are seen as less financially responsible and less cautious while driving. As such, their premium rates are raised.

Model and Make Of The Car

Insurance reports reveal that people with sportier vehicles have a high chance of moving violations or getting into accidents, which places them on the high-risk list. For instance, owners of convertibles have been shown to speed more often compared to drivers of four-door cars. Therefore, they’re charged higher premiums.

Trusted, High-Risk Auto Insurance Broker

If you’ve had lousy lack with traffic convictions, tickets, or accidents that caused your insurer to cancel your car policy, we’re here for you. At InsuranceHero.ca, we know the inconvenience and frustrations you may face when you’re classified as a high-risk driver. That’s why we work with leading high risk auto insurance companies in Ontario. Rest assured, we’ll find you’re the best car insurance quotes to help you save as much as possible. Quickly compare rates from top insurance providers: https://insurancehero.ca/get-a-quote/.