High Risk Auto Insurance

High Risk Auto Insurance

Nobody wants to pay more for car insurance, but there are some cases when it might be necessary if you are considered a high-risk driver. There are some things that you can work on to improve car insurance and get back on track. In the meantime, there are options available for high risk auto insurance that will get you the coverage you need.

The fact is, some drivers will cost a bit more to insure. This could include an elderly family member or your teenager that just got their license. There may even be a situation where someone may not have had car insurance for a long period or someone who has a history of getting violations.

High Risk Auto Insurance- What is It?

High-risk auto insurance is also known as non-standard auto coverage. This is selected whenever an insurance company deems the driver to be at more risk of an accident and file a claim than average drivers. This is a category that falls out of the standard policy format.

There could be many reasons why a driver might get flagged as having a higher risk. There will also be auto insurance agencies that may not want to insure anyone who is high-risk. This is why it is better to work with an insurance pro to get you the coverage you need to have peace of mind when you are on the roads.

Who Should Have a High-Risk Auto Policy?

There will always be certain high-risk factors that remain out of your control, which will include your age and whether or not you have owned a vehicle in a while. Someone with a spotless record may still have issues with uncontrollable factors. But, there are always things you can control.

These are some of the groups that people may fall into that get flagged as high-risk by an insurance company:

  • Drivers who have had serious violations
  • First-time drivers
  • Teen drivers
  • Drivers that are 65 and older
  • Drivers with poor or no credit
  • Drivers who have had lapsed coverage
  • Drivers that have been convicted of DWI or DUI
  • Drivers that have gotten moving violations

Factoring in the Costs

When you know that you may be considered high-risk to insure, you need to start looking around to see what costs you may be up against. Getting quotes will be the best way to proceed because what you get for a rate could be vastly different than the next person. Things like your age, driving record, credit, and everything else mentioned will start to factor in. It is important to know that you can expect to pay more, but how much will also depend on the insurance company you choose and what they do to work with clients to get them decent coverage.

Insurance Hero is here to help whenever you need help getting great pricing on high risk auto insurance. We can help you compare rates with top providers and give you the confidence you need that you can drive happy with the best price. Contact us by calling (855) 777-4376 or click here to get a quote online!