East Haven car maintenance

East Haven car maintenance

Why East Haven Car Maintenance Checks Should Be Regular

While a lot of motorists see East Haven car maintenance checks as an option, some only remember it when their vehicle develops a fault. Regular East Haven car maintenance checks should be a must.

In fact, there is a reason every car manufacturer gives a recommendation on how often maintenance checks should be carried out on each of their cars. After going through some of the benefits of regular East Haven car maintenance checks outlined below, you will understand why it is necessary.

Warranty maintenance

Every car comes with some level of warranty and this warranty usually lasts for some years. Unfortunately, many motorists void this warranty before it expires. Manufacturers always stipulate that motorists can only enjoy the full course of their warranty if they don’t skip the log service of their car.

Really, it makes sense, if any fault occurs due to inadequate maintenance checks, it is the fault of the owner of the vehicle and he should be responsible for the repair cost. In a nutshell, if you don’t take your car for maintenance checks as recommended by the manufacturer, the car’s warranty will be voided. This will definitely raise the maintenance cost for you since you will pay for several services that should have been free.

It saves cost

During maintenance checks, every part of the car will be checked and if there is any component that is not working well, it will either be fixed or replaced. If you have to wait until such a part breaks down, it may affect other components and that will cost you more.

It makes more sense to see a routine check as a preventive measure. As they say, a stich in time saves nine. In fact, when applied to a car, a stich in time saves much more than just nine. When all the parts of your car are working well, the car will also give you optimum performance all the time. This way, it saves you cost of fueling too. When your car is in perfect condition, it will consume less fuel but when its engine is not in perfect condition, it will consume more fuel.

Longer lifespan

A well maintained car usually lasts much longer than poorly maintained cars. So, if you don’t skip your maintenance checks, all the components of your car will always be in their best condition all the time. Servicing your car includes changing its oil as and when due and this will ensure that the engine is well lubricated, thereby reducing the friction-initiated wear and tear.

The overall impact of all these is a longer lifespan for your car.

Better resale value

In case you decide to put up your used car for sale, most prospective buyers will ask if it still has manufacturer’s warranty. If it does, they will be eager to buy it off at a higher price. If not, they may ask for the service log record and finding out that you have been skipping service on your car may either turn a prospective buyer off completely or lead to a drastic price reduction.

Whatever you get from anybody, any product or any endeavor is directly proportional to the amount of resources you dedicate to it. If you really want to get the best from your car, you also have to take its routine checks seriously


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