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Covers the losses and claims arising from lawsuits, property damages, and theft

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When you’re a dance teacher, you have the privilege of being able to earn a living while pursuing your passions. And when you own a dance studio, you get the added luxury of being able to combine your talents with business in a way that many Canadians don’t have the ability to do.

However, between the students who will be coming in and out of your studio, the strenuous physical activities your clients may be involved in, and the very real risk that your studio could be vandalized or burned down overnight, it’s important to have insurance that can protect the investment you’ve made in your dance studio.

Some of the benefits of having business insurance for your dance studio include:

  1. You Can Get Your Legal Expenses Covered in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In dance, people are always trying new movements or experimenting with new stretches. When you have students who are learning and physically exerting themselves in the studio, it’s all too easy for an injury to occur and for your studio to get named in a lawsuit. Dance studio insurance can help you cover the cost of paying judgment amounts or legal fees in the event that your business is sued. 

  1. You Can Receive Compensation if Your Equipment Is Damaged by a Fire

Although it isn’t fun to think about, you never know when you might show up at the studio only to find that everything has gone up in flames. If your company’s property is damaged by an insured peril like a lightning strike or a fire, insurance can give you a hand with replacement or repair costs. And if you’d like additional coverage in case of scenarios like vandalism, you can explore the possibility of adding a more comprehensive commercial property insurance policy to your dance studio insurance.

  1. You Can Get Help if an Insured Peril Puts Your Business Temporarily Out of Commission

Every day that you have to spend waiting on repairs is another day that you aren’t able to make a living through dance. If your dance studio is forced to shut down due to an insured peril, the addition of business interruption coverage may be able to compensate you for bills and lost business. This is an insurance option that can help you keep the lights on without requiring you to dip into your personal savings right away.


What Does Dance Studio Insurance Cover?

The particulars of your dance studio insurance coverage can be affected by factors like your location, the cost of your equipment, and the amount of upgrading and custom fits that you’ve done to make your space spiffy and new. That being said, your dance studio insurance may be able to cover items like:

  • Your building 
  • Mirrors and mats
  • Furniture that you keep in your office
  • Shoes 
  • Cameras and recording equipment 
  • Sound systems and speakers
  • Debit machines and cash registers
  • Computers
  • Barre rails 
  • Studio lights and fog machines

What You Should Know About Dance Studio Insurance

Whether you’re renewing your policy or you’re taking out a new plan altogether, dance studio insurance makes sense to pursue. Even so, however, there are some key details that dance studio owners will want to be aware of when it comes to their coverage options:

  1. Not All Activities Will Be Covered Under Dance Studio Insurance

If you’re looking to be a studio that also teaches other skills like cheerleading, tumbling, aerial dance, or gymnastics, your dance studio insurance policy may not extend far enough to cover you if someone gets hurt. Although activities associated with standard dance styles and the use of barre to train your ballet dancers may not be too far-fetched, you may want to discuss your planned activities with your Insurance Hero team member in detail. Depending on your future plans, you might need to take out additional insurance. 

  1. Online Dance Studios Should Still Take Out Insurance

With the advent of the internet, many dance studios have opted to offer lessons through online courses. However, even if you’re not seeing as many students in person, you may still need to get insurance for your business. Chances are that with a digital setup, you’re still using cameras and editing video in order to give everyone the best experience possible. If your building were to be vandalized or hit by a hail storm, an insurance policy could help you cover the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged equipment. 

  1. Independent Contractors May Not Be Covered Under Your Policy

Many dance studios will bring in guest instructors or will hire dancers on a freelance basis. Simply because your studio will have people moving vigorously in groups, however, there’s always a chance that someone could sprain an ankle or break a hip during a lesson. If this is standard practice for you, those independent dance teachers may not be able to receive coverage under your dance studio’s liability insurance policy. If your intention is to make sure that all instructors have coverage at all times, you may need to consult with your Insurance Hero broker to see what your options are.

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When you’re opening up a dance studio, there are a lot of details that you need to follow up on. Are the mirrors positioned correctly? Do the acoustics of the room lend themselves well to sound? Is this going to be a studio that trains competitive dancers or are you opting to let people pay on a drop-in basis? In all the excitement and hubbub of opening up your own dance studio, it’s important that you don’t overlook one of the most important details of all:

Your insurance policy.

Even when you’ve taken every precaution, accidents can happen and injuries can occur. By taking out a solid dance insurance policy, you can keep your studio protected. 

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