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Content Insurance for Students Away at University or College

Content Insurance for students away at University or college

Even though I haven’t been a full time student for several years now, September always reminds me of back to school. Parents with children temporarily leaving home to study may be interested to know that their property insurance can extend coverage for their children’s contents and liability while away at university or college. This coverage is often included on most home insurance policies at no additional charge, however the child must remain a full time student to qualify.

It should be noted that there are limits on how much is covered. A typical policy would include $5,000 to $10,000 in contents coverage. This includes furnishings, textbooks, electronics, etc. Any questions should be directed to an insurance broker to discuss the coverage, limits and stipulations.

Students that move away permanently from their parent’s home or who are not full-time students will not have any coverage extended to them, and should therefore purchase their own tenant insurance. A large portion of renters, fail to obtain tenant insurance and this can have grave consequences if a loss were to occur. Tenant insurance policies are very affordable; starting at around $20/month. Well worth the price to have the peace of mind that valuables are protected and liability limits in place if an incident occurs.

Have a great school year!

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