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Looking for Cleaning Business Insurance in Ontario?

If you own a busy janitorial company, it’s pertinent to have the best-fit cleaning company insurance, as you’re often performing work tasks at various locations outside your office – which can pose a unique set of risks. At Insurance Hero, we specialize in simple, customizable business insurance packages at affordable prices.

Why You Need Cleaning Company Insurance?

Whether your business has two employees or 20, each person might be travelling to and from job sites in their own cars or in vehicles your company owns. Working odd hours inside empty buildings, handling client valuables and potentially running into hazards like a slippery floor or broken art piece are all risks your cleaning business needs to account for.

That’s where Insurance Hero comes in. We offer a wide-range of cleaning insurance coverage including:
• General Liability Coverage: protects your business against high legal costs. For example, if your client’s employee slipped on a wet floor, or if your employee knocks down expensive office equipment and you face a lawsuit.

• Property Coverage: covers you and your crew from damage cost to any buildings you work in.

• Lost Key Coverage: assures replacement costs don’t come out of your pocket.

• Personal Injury: covers any costs associated with medical services needed after a work injury.

Insurance Hero not only has seasoned expertise in assessing what kinds of coverage you may require for janitorial business, but our client reps always guarantee the best rates and protection of your staff and company assets. If you’re looking for award-winning guidance in online insurance – connect with a hero today.

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