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Oakville is a southern Ontario town on Lake Ontario, halfway between Toronto and Hamilton. Known for its harbors, arts community, parks, dining options, and historic streets, Oakville is a small town of just over 210,000 people with urban centre amenities.

It’s also situated near the major highways, not too far from Mississauga, Toronto, and other larger urban areas. Whether you work locally or commute to work somewhere further, you can rely on your vehicle to easily take you where you need to go.

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Here’s Why You Need Car Insurance

If you own a car, you should have car insurance. Regardless of whether you drive your car for business, to commute to work, or for leisure, car insurance is not only mandatory in Ontario but also important for protecting you against liability in the event of an accident on the road. While you can choose how much insurance coverage you want, there are minimum coverage requirements for all Ontario registered vehicles.

If you’re ever in a car accident, you’ll know how expensive some of these damages cost. You could be responsible for potential medical bills, car repairs, and compensation for other damaged property. It also protects you if you have to pay for repairs on your own car whether you’re caught in a car accident or damage your car because of a structure. Car insurance helps mitigate some of the financial risks arising from these liability claims and damages, ensuring you’re covered if something happens.

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Car Insurance Coverage Types

There are both mandatory and optional coverage types that drivers can choose from.

According to Ontario law, drivers should carry mandatory insurance coverage of:

  • Third-party liability coverage of a minimum of $200,000.
  • Accident benefits to recover from collision injuries.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage of minimum $200,000 for accidents by an uninsured driver.
  • Direct compensation coverage for damages if someone else is at fault.

You can also purchase additional car insurance coverage:

  • Collision: Covers damages to your vehicle caused by a collision with another object.
  • Comprehensive: Includes all damages except for collision and theft by someone that lives with you or repairs your car.
  • Specified perils: Covers damages to your vehicle caused by only the perils outlined in your insurance policy.
  • All perils: Covers all perils that damage your vehicle, including theft by someone in your house or you hired to drive your car.

Does your address affect car insurance rates in Oakville?

Your location matters more than you think about car insurance rates. Although it might not be a huge difference based on where you live within Oakville, insurance companies look at your postal code when estimating how much of an insurance risk your area poses.

For example, if you live in a crowded neighborhood with heavy car and foot traffic, you’ll likely have to pay more for car insurance. If your area has high crime rates or a history of car accidents and reckless drivers, you’ll also likely pay more for car insurance. However, if your neighborhood is less car accident prone, your insurance rates will probably be lower.

How do Oakville car insurance quotes compare to other cities in Ontario?

Compared to some of the most expensive and least expensive car insurance premiums in the province, Oakville sits somewhere in the middle. Average car insurance rates in Oakville sit around $1,400 per year, which is just over $115 each month. This is more than $200 cheaper than the average car insurance rate in Hamilton, which is a 25-minute drive on the highway from Oakville. Oakville car insurance rates are significantly cheaper than what residents will pay in large cities, like Mississauga and Toronto.

What impacts rates for car insurance in Oakville, Ontario?

Aside from location, age and driving record are two of the major factors that impact car insurance rates. Typically, younger drivers are considered more risky for insurance companies, because of the lack of experience on the road. Similarly, someone with a history of car accidents and insurance claims is also risky to insure. As a result, these people might pay more for car insurance.

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Is car insurance more expensive if I’m unemployed?

Your employment status can affect your car insurance rates, but it doesn’t guarantee that your rates will go up. When you’re unemployed, you’re not using your car as a commute vehicle anymore, which means there is less mileage. This can help lower your insurance premium. However, insurance companies also see unemployment as a greater risk for making an insurance claim if you ever get into a car accident.

If you’re concerned with how your unemployment affects your car insurance, contact your insurance provider or speak with an Insurance Hero representative today. Our specialists are happy to answer questions you have.

How do I get car insurance discounts in Oakville?

Maintaining a clean driving record is the easiest way to get discounts on car insurance. Other ways to lower your rates include:

  • Increasing safety measures
  • Using winter tires
  • Ask about senior and student driver discounts
  • Ask about loyal customer discounts
  • Taking defensive driving courses

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