Car Insurance Calculator in London

Car Insurance Calculator for London

With almost 400,000 inhabitants, London, Ontario is a thriving metropolis. People from all over the world are attracted to this charming, southern Ontario city, for its diverse culture and highly acclaimed schools, including Western University. Driving in London is one of the more popular modes of transportation, so having a car insurance policy that offers you all the coverage you need is important.

In today’s day and age, with the never-ending expansion of technology, the novelty of picking up the phone to speak to another person is wearing thin. People want things simpler, faster and ready-to-go. This is why the commodity of being able to purchase a car insurance policy online has become increasingly more popular. 

How could our car insurance calculator help you save money?

A car insurance premium calculator is designed to provide you with a quote with basic details like your age, gender, the vehicle you drive and your postal code, to name a few. In order to get as accurate a quote as possible, it’s best to provide as many details as you can, otherwise the price you are quoted may not be the premium you end up having to pay. Add other lines of business like home/apartment insurance, secondary or seasonal property insurance, even boat or recreational vehicle insurance, and you can save up to 15% on your car insurance policy. Combine as many products as possible and watch the dollars drop.

Compare London car insurance quotes

Drivers in Ontario pay some of the highest premiums across Canada, so it’s a no-brainer that you would want to shop around to find the best price available to insure your vehicle. Every insurance company uses their own data to evaluate your information when quoting your insurance needs. This gives them each a different insurance premium for your personal information. The bonus about using our calculator is that, as brokers, we work with over ten of the leading insurance providers in Ontario, so you won’t only get one quote from one company, you’ll be provided with several quotes you can choose from. 

Comparing car insurance doesn’t just stop at the monthly payment amount that you have to pay. It includes things like customer service and whether they have some brokerage specific discounts that you can’t find anywhere else. At Insurance Hero, we strive to make every interaction with each client as good as, if not better, than the last.

Car insurance designed with you in mind

Our online premium calculator collects as much data as possible so that you can feel comfortable knowing all of your insurance needs are being taken care of. When you pick apart your car insurance policy, it covers a wide range of protection, for both yourself as a driver, but also for your family. Some of these coverages are mandatory in Ontario. They are:

  • Third-party liability
  • Accident benefits
  • Direct compensation – property damage
  • Uninsured automobile

Third-party liability has a minimum coverage limit of $200,000 to be able to operate your vehicle in London, but you also have the option to increase this limit to either $1,000,000 (most common) or $2,000,000 (recommended). Most of the coverages that fall under accident benefits also have minimum limits, as well as the option to increase them. 

In addition, there are a variety of optional coverages to choose from, which can help tailor a car insurance policy to exactly what you need. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • All perils coverage
  • Rental vehicle coverage

These also have some flexibility with deductibles and limits.

The average car insurance premium in London

In order to determine which car insurance premium a driver has to pay, insurance companies take data collected for each area (territory) in each city in Ontario. Information such as the frequency of accidents and theft for not only where you live, but for the vehicle you drive. In 2020, the average car insurance premium in Ontario was $1616.00. London drivers pay somewhere around the $1509.00 mark, falling just under the provincial average. According to many sources, the postal code that begins with N5X is the most affordable area for auto insurance in London; this includes the Fanshawe, Stoneybrook, Stoney Creek, Uplands and East Masonville areas.

Which makes and models have the lowest insurance premiums?

A lot of research and data goes into determining which vehicles are the cheapest to insure. Then, multiple lists are compiled with this data, such as cheapest cars to insure based on popularity, their purchase price, safety ratings, and more. But sometimes you just want a straight-forward list of the cheapest cars to insure. Period. 

Based strictly on insurance risk analysis, the makes and models with the lowest insurance premiums are:

  1. Nissan Micra
  2. Volvo XC90
  3. Kia Rio 5-door
  4. Mitsubishi Mirage
  5. Kia Rio
  6. Subaru Legacy
  7. Subaru Accent
  8. Mazda 6
  9. Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class
  10. Genesis G80

Some of the factors that influence your car insurance rates in London are:

  • the car you drive
  • your postal code
  • your license class
  • your age and marital status
  • past convictions and/or claims
  • past policy cancellations

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When insurance companies review your personal details, they evaluate whether or not you are an acceptable risk to them; meaning would they want to cover you as a driver based on your driving and payment history. They determine this by reviewing your driver’s abstract — a report that lists all of your insurance history and any claims you’ve been associated with, as well as the reason your past policies cancelled, and motor vehicle report — a report that lists all of your traffic convictions (tickets that you’ve paid for) and/or license suspensions for several years. 

An example of a clean risk would be:

  • many years of driving history
  • no convictions or suspensions
  • no claims
  • great payment history

An example of a high risk would be:

  • less than 5 years of driving experience
  • multiple convictions 
  • multiple claims
  • previous policies that have cancelled for non-payment

We at Insurance Hero are partnered with both regular market insurance companies and high risk insurance companies alike, so don’t be discouraged if some of the high risk points describe you as a driver. Our team of brokers are well-versed in both types of policies and are eager to help curate an insurance policy that leaves you feeling protected and comfortable.

Another system to keep in mind when comparing car insurance rates is usage-based insurance, which is a program that rewards you for your good driving habits by applying a discount to your insurance premium. It also offers personalized tips to help you improve these habits where needed, and it’s all done through an app on your phone. Not every company offers this type of program, so be sure to discuss with a Hero! Those who do work with usage-based insurance will apply a discount that can range anywhere from 10% to 25%. Make sure you ask one of our Heroes for more information on these usage-based insurance policies so you can start saving today!

At, not only do we provide service to our clients over the phone, email and our newest communication feature, Facebook Messenger, we also offer an online quoter through our website. Give it a try!