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On the western side of Lake Simcoe, Barrie is a city of over 150,000 people. With a well-known waterfront area and access to the lake, Barrie is a summer and winter resort for people looking to ski, hike, kayak, and more. There’s no shortage of parks, museums, and other year-round activities for people to do.

Highway 400, originally known as the Toronto-Barrie Highway, passes through Barrie and links one of Ontario’s major towns, Toronto, to the central and northern regions of the province. Barrie’s economy relies on services and diversified manufacturing, proving jobs for tons of residents. For people working in Downtown Toronto or Mississauga, driving to work is relatively easy with Highway 400.

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Here’s Why You Need Car Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in Ontario. You must also be ready to provide proof of insurance before you can register your vehicle or renew the registration. While you can choose how much insurance coverage you want, there are minimum coverage requirements.

Aside from being mandatory, the most important reason for having car insurance is because of your liability in a collision. If you’re ever in a car accident, you’ll know how expensive some of these damages cost. You could be responsible for potential medical bills, car repairs, and compensation for other damaged property. It also protects you if you have to pay for repairs on your own car whether you’re caught in a car accident or damage your car because of a structure. Car insurance helps mitigate some of the financial risks arising from these liability claims and damages, ensuring you’re covered if something happens.

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Car Insurance Coverage Types

There are both mandatory and optional coverage types that drivers can choose from. It really depends on your risk tolerance and how you use your car.

According to Ontario law, drivers should carry mandatory insurance coverage of:

  • Third-party liability coverage of a minimum of $200,000.
  • Accident benefits to recover from collision injuries.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage of minimum $200,000 for accidents by an uninsured driver.
  • Direct compensation coverage for damages if someone else is at fault.

You can also purchase additional car insurance coverage:

  • Collision: Covers damages to your vehicle caused by a collision with another object.
  • Comprehensive: Includes all damages except for collision and theft by someone that lives with you or repairs your car.
  • Specified perils: Covers damages to your vehicle caused by only the perils outlined in your insurance policy.
  • All perils: Covers all perils that damage your vehicle, including theft by someone in your house or you hired to drive your car.

How do Barrie’s car insurance rates compare to other cities in Ontario?

Location matters a lot for car insurance rates. Barrie’s car insurance rates are lower than the provincial average, which is around $1,634 each year. The average rate for car insurance in Barrie is $1,400, just over $200 less than what you pay on average in Ontario.

If you live south of Barrie in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, car insurance will be much more expensive than what residents pay in Barrie. On the other hand, in less populated rural areas like Thunder Bay and Sudbury, even Ottawa, car insurance is about $200 to $300 cheaper.

What does car insurance cover?

It depends on the type of car insurance you have. For example, specified perils only cover damages to your vehicle caused by the perils outlined in your insurance policy, whereas all perils cover damages caused by any peril.

In general, car insurance helps cover medical bills, funeral expenses, car repairs, lost wages, attendant care, and other expenses for you and a third party in the event of a car accident or collision. It helps mitigate some of the financial loss from a liability claim.

What type of auto insurance do I need in Barrie?

Aside from the minimum required car insurance, such as $200,000 in third-party liability insurance, accident benefits, direct compensation, and uninsured motorist coverage. You can add policy endorsements and optional coverage to your policy for an additional fee to give you extra protection and higher insurance limits:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Specified perils
  • All perils

You also need to consider the type of car you have and your specific driving needs. For example, Insurance Hero offers insurance for young drivers, ridesharing, collector and classic cars, high-risk drivers, and commercial vehicles.

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How do I renew my car insurance in Barrie?

Your car insurance automatically renews when it’s time. If you want to lower your rates or change your coverage, speak with your insurance provider to discuss the options. Insurance Hero can help you ditch the high premiums and find affordable car insurance that still gives you the right amount of coverage.

How do you get quotes for car insurance in Barrie?

Getting a car insurance quote in Barrie is simple with Insurance Hero. We simplify the process by gathering and comparing the different options for you. All you have to do is input your information. We’ll search through our insurance partners and present you with the best packages. All you have to do is pick the one you want!

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