Business Insurance for Consultants

Covers the losses and claims arising from lawsuits, property damages, and theft

Business Insurance for Consultants

Consultants offer specialized advice and expertise that help organizations improve their operations, profitability, management, and strategy. Any time advice is given, there are always risks involved. Clients can be unsatisfied with your services, or your advice can cause damages and financial losses to your clients. Unexpected events can also occur that force you to stop operations, which impacts clients, increases costs, and decreases profits.


Business insurance from Insurance Hero protects consultants against liability, lawsuits, and financial losses incurred during daily business operations.


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What is Business Insurance for Consultants?

Business insurance protects consultants from losses due to unexpected events that may occur at any time during daily business operations. Consultants can be subject to claims of negligence, errors, and omissions that cause damages, financial losses, or other negative impacts on their clients’ businesses.


Whether you are an independent or subcontractor consultant and regardless of the industries or niches you serve, business insurance will protect you against liability and risks you might face during your consulting services.


What Does Business Insurance for Consultants Cover?

Every business insurance policy is different because consultants can offer a range of services to their clients. Consultants can also have specialized expertise in specific niches or industries.

Business insurance for consultants is designed to accommodate the wide range of consulting services offered regardless of their service area.

Although business insurance for consultants will vary greatly in coverage based on services offered and targeted industries, this is what standard coverage can look like for most consultants:

  • Protection against lawsuits or claims of errors and omissions alleging financial loss because of your services or failure to provide services as promised.
  • Protection and coverage for legal defense costs against lawsuits or claims alleging injuries, property damage, false advertising, libel, slander, and more.
  • Protection against cyberattacks and cybersecurity incidents resulting in loss of income, notification costs, data systems repair, and more.
  • Coverage for repairs and replacements for any of the property and equipment you use, such as computers.

What You Should Know About Business Insurance for Consultants

Although business insurance for consultants isn’t mandatory, it’s extremely risky to operate without it. The costs for claims and lawsuits you would pay out of pocket for any damages and losses that your business or clients suffer would be very hefty without insurance protection.

Many different factors impact the cost and coverage of your business insurance, such as:

  • Your claims history.
  • The type of consulting services you offer.
  • The size of your consulting business and the industry or industries you serve.
  • The equipment you rely on to perform day-to-day consulting operations.


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Insurance Hero makes it easy for you to get a business insurance quote. We work with leading Canadian insurance companies to bring affordable, competitive insurance policies directly to you.

Whether you want a pre-packaged or custom insurance policy, we’ll find the insurance you need to mitigate risks and operate your consulting business confidently. Visit or call us at 1-855-777-4376 (HERO).

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