What is the Best Life Insurance Company in Canada?

Life Insurance Companies
The short answer is – there is no such thing as the “best life insurance company.” In Canada, there are 34 life insurance companies that offer a various suite of products. Companies are constantly updating their life insurance products and changing premium rates and that added to the sheer amount of companies available, it can be difficult to navigate and decide on the right life insurance company. There are definitely factors that differentiate life insurance companies, and it’s important to go the extra mile to ensure you’re making a sound financial decision when purc...
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Are you ready for safe winter driving?

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Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Winter

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Term Life Insurance vs Universal Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance

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Tips Before Heading Out on a Summer Road Trip

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When to Get a Building Permit

There are many steps involved when doing a renovation. Settling on a design, budget, and finishes are obviously key. An often overlooked element to a renovation is the building permit. If you are about to undertake a renovation it is important to familiarize yourself with the local building code to...
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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

new family
Let’s face the facts, no one likes to think about dying, but other than taxes, it’s the only guarantee in life. It’s important to sit down and really think about if you were to pass away, how the people you’re leaving behind would be financially affected.  Depending on your stage of life, y...
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Which Type of Life Insurance Should I Buy?

Question Marks
Life insurance can be one of those taboo topics. Every time I bring up life insurance in conversations, I can always expect responses like these: I wont die prematurely, it costs too much, and why do I need life insurance. These responses are understandable; however, I think people can sometimes let...
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Spring Opener – A Cottage Tradition

If like most cottagers you are shaking with anticipation to set foot once again on that serene piece of property, the opener is just the beginning and something not to be taken lightly.  Here are some reminders you may wish to consider when opening up the cottage this spring. An overall inspection ...
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