Blog offers uBiz a Revolutionary New Product for Home-Based Business Owners

Digital Insurance Brokerage Introduces uBiz, Flexible Insurance for Canadian Businesses that Work from Home TORONTO, ONTARIO –, a leading online insurance brokerage now offers uBiz, a unique digital insurance solution that offers home-based professionals simple, flexible and affordable coverage. Unlike some insurance that is a rigid package, often including coverage that home-based businesses don’t require, uBiz provides innovative, tailor-made, mix-and-match coverage for exactly what its customers need. President Greg Raymond says, “We found home-based busines...
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Tips Before Heading Out on a Summer Road Trip

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Spring Opener – A Cottage Tradition

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Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Winter

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Are Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required by Law in Ontario?

Winter is approaching and most of us will be turning up the heat in our homes to keep warm.  Before you do make sure you know the dangers of Carbon Monoxide also know as CO. In Ontario, CO detectors are now required by law in every home equipped with a fuel burning appliance or heating system using...
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Halloween Road Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year where the young ones prepare to get dressed up and head out trick or treating. Here are a few safety tips from ICBC for parents and drivers. We at hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! For parents: Dress to be seen: Let’s not spoil our kids...
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When to Get a Building Permit

There are many steps involved when doing a renovation. Settling on a design, budget, and finishes are obviously key. An often overlooked element to a renovation is the building permit. If you are about to undertake a renovation it is important to familiarize yourself with the local building code to...
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Content Insurance for Students Away at University or College

Even though I haven’t been a full time student for several years now, September always reminds me of back to school. Parents with children temporarily leaving home to study may be interested to know that their property insurance can extend coverage for their children’s contents and liabi...
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