Term Life Insurance vs Universal Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance Comparison
Understanding the nuances between different types of life insurance can be like trying to interpret a different language. It’s critically important to understand how these nuances affect your pocketbook and long-term financial goals when determining the right type of life insurance for you. People become dissatisfied with any product they purchase (especially life insurance) when their expectations aren’t met on how it works, or what they are getting from it. The best remedy to this longstanding issue is to educate yourself on what you’re buying to ensure the product is accompl...
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Tips Before Heading Out on a Summer Road Trip

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When to Get a Building Permit

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

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Which Type of Life Insurance Should I Buy?

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Spring Opener – A Cottage Tradition

If like most cottagers you are shaking with anticipation to set foot once again on that serene piece of property, the opener is just the beginning and something not to be taken lightly.  Here are some reminders you may wish to consider when opening up the cottage this spring. An overall inspection ...
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What Does Life Insurance Cost?

When someone first starts considering life insurance, need and cost are usually the first two things that start rattling in their brain. Understandably so, who thinks that they’re going to die? It’s human instinct to be biased towards our longevity, no one grows up thinking they will die in an a...
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Mortgage Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance

Comparing life insurance quotes over the phone.
There you are. You more than likely just completed the largest transaction of your life, the purchase of your new home, and your bank or mortgage lender asks if you’d like to protect your largest asset with mortgage insurance. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Don’t forget to read the fine ...
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Digital Insurance Brokerage Introduces uBiz, Flexible Insurance for Canadian Businesses that Work from Home TORONTO, ONTARIO –, a leading online insurance brokerage now offers uBiz, a unique digital insurance solution that offers home-based professionals simple, flexible and affor...
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