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Why Administrative Service Only is the Right Coverage Path

Administrative Services Only Insurance

Discover the convenience and flexibility of Administrative Services Only (ASO) with As a leading provider, we offer ASO solutions designed to streamline your benefits administration and put you in control. With ASO coverage, you retain the financial risk while we handle the administrative tasks, allowing you to customize your benefits, manage claims, and control costs. Experience the freedom and efficiency of ASO coverage through and unlock a simplified and tailored approach to managing your employee benefits.

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What is Administrative Services Only (ASO) coverage?

Administrative Services Only (ASO) coverage is an employee benefit arrangement where employers retain the financial risk while outsourcing administrative tasks to a third-party administrator like With ASO coverage, employers have the flexibility to customize benefit plans according to their workforce’s needs and preferences, including coverage levels, deductibles, and benefit types. 

This arrangement allows employers to have greater control over claims management and access detailed data for monitoring usage patterns and implementing cost-saving strategies. By partnering with, employers can streamline benefits administration and focus on strategic initiatives while receiving expert assistance in claims processing, enrollment, and customer support.

An ASO benefit plan is particularly suitable for larger organizations or those with stable employee populations. It offers potential cost savings, customization flexibility, and administrative relief compared to traditional fully insured plans. However, it is essential to carefully review the specific terms and consult with professionals to assess if ASO coverage aligns with your organization’s objectives and risk tolerance. Experience the benefits of ASO coverage through and enjoy a tailored and simplified approach to managing your employee benefits.

Why should my business choose Insurance Hero?

Choosing brings extensive coverage options, cost efficiency, exceptional service, innovative technology, and unbiased advice. With multiple reputable insurance partners, we customize benefits to meet your workforce’s needs. Our high-end quoting technology maximizes savings, and our dedicated service team provides prompt support. Our user-friendly online platform streamlines the process while our unbiased advisors prioritize your best interests. Trust for comprehensive coverage and exceptional service.

FAQs for Administrative Services Only (ASO)

What is the difference between an ASO benefit plan and a standard insurance plan?

The main difference between ASO and insured plans is the financial risk and administrative responsibilities. In an insured plan, the employer pays a fixed premium to an insurance company, transferring the financial risk and administrative tasks to the insurer. With ASO, the employer retains the financial risk and outsources administrative tasks to a third-party administrator. ASO plans offer more flexibility and customization options, while insured plans provide convenience and less administrative burden.

What are the benefits of ASO coverage?

ASO coverage offers several benefits for businesses:

Cost Control

With ASO coverage, employers have the opportunity to manage and control their healthcare costs directly. Since they assume the financial risk, employers can implement cost containment strategies, negotiate rates with healthcare providers, and customize benefit plans to align with their budget and needs.

Flexibility and Customization

ASO coverage allows employers to tailor benefit plans to their specific workforce. They have the freedom to design plans that meet their employees’ unique needs and preferences, offering flexibility in coverage options, deductibles, and provider networks.

Access to Claims Data

Employers with ASO coverage have access to detailed claims data, which provides insights into healthcare utilization patterns, cost drivers, and trends. This data can help identify opportunities for cost savings, improve plan design, and implement wellness programs to enhance employee health and reduce long-term costs.

Enhanced Control and Administration

ASO coverage gives employers greater control over benefit administration. They can directly manage aspects like claims processing, enrollment, and member services, resulting in faster response times, improved customer service, and greater efficiency.

Transparency and Cost Visibility

ASO coverage provides employers with a clear view of their healthcare expenditures. With detailed reports and data analytics, employers can better understand their healthcare spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make informed decisions to optimize their benefits program.

Tailored Employee Experience

ASO coverage allows employers to provide a personalized and tailored employee experience. They can design benefit plans that align with their workforce’s unique needs and preferences, leading to higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

What does an ASO benefit plan cover?

The coverage offered by an ASO benefit plan can differ based on the plan’s specific terms and agreements between the employer and third-party administrator. ASO plans typically provide flexibility and customization in coverage options. Some common items covered by ASO plans include:

  • Extended Health Benefits
  • Dental Coverage
  • Short-term Disability
  • Vision Care
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

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