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5 Tips for Improving Your Fuel Economy

February 7, 2013 | Driving Tips, Fuel Economy, Saving Money
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InsuranceHero.ca is not just your destination for Ontario car insurance quotes but also for helpful hints that help improve your ride’s fuel economy. Even if you are driving an older vehicle, it is possible to realize significant savings at the pump.

  • Keep the tune-up appointment. A well-maintained car can improve any driver’s gas mileage by about 19 percent. If the engine is in excellent shape and functions as designed, moving the automobile is less strenuous and therefore requires less fuel.
  • Cruise through life. Training yourself to use the cruise control setting whenever possible reduces the hurry up and stop mentality plenty of highway drivers develop. The less speeding up and stopping you do, the less fuel you burn.
  • Lighten the load. Just like the occasional car insurance checkup ensures that you are fully covered, a trunk check lets you shed some pounds that cost extra fuel to haul around on a daily basis. If you do not need it, store it in the garage.
  • Turn it off. Do not leave your car running while your better half runs into the store to pick up a quart of milk. Turn off the engine and you save precious gasoline you would otherwise burn while going nowhere.
  • Drive the speed limit. It not only protects your auto insurance rate in case of an accident, but it also keeps you on top of your fuel economy. While estimates vary, authorities agree that driving faster than 100 km per hour results in higher gasoline consumption.

There you have it. Whether you need highly competitive auto insurance quotes or fuel economy tips, InsuranceHero.ca has the answers. Find out more today!

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